“Squint (n): A derogatory term for people who examine things very closely and look down on others that are not as intellectually intelligent.” - Urban Dictionary.

Conventional narratives of happiness, success, and meaning are no longer working for many young people.

Existing systems of religion, higher education, credentialing, economics, governance, business, and personal identity all feel like liabilities to replace, rather than foundations to build on.

So, why does it seem that our institutions, values, and leaders have all been stripped of substance and replaced by high fructose corn-syrup? My belief is that mental models from an array of disciplines such as biology, game theory, design thinking, and engineering can be applied up the stack at the sociological and economic levels as useful metaphors to sketch the edges of solutions.

My hope is that my efforts to imagine and expand the set and style of potential solutions could inspire domain experts to create new systems that can thrive in this increasing chaotic, technologically leveraged world.

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